Friday, November 9, 2012

Scientists ‘95% Sure’ Bigfoot Lives in Russian Tundra

This Article explains that scientists found evidence that makes Bigfoot real like the statement that follows "Scientists and yeti enthusiasts believe there may finally be solid evidence that the apelike creature roams the vast Siberian tundra," reports from The Guardian (a web site that also publishes articles like Time Magazine.) The article add’s on with the experts from Canada and Sweden have set their minds on 95% belief of Bigfoot and Yeti’s exist’s. The scientist experts started believing that mythical animal’s like the Bigfoot and Yeti are alive and real, after a conference in a town called Tashtagol, in Kemerovo region thousands of miles near Moscow. And they still roam the earth with proof that a group of scientific researchers have found in a area near Moscow, in addition over the years people have seen sightings of a Yeti a close cousin of the Bigfoot, In Kemerovo the group of scientist experts had announced on October 10, 2012 an expedition on the previous weekend collected evidence of the existents of Yeti. Could this also prove that Bigfoot exists to? The evident’s include several hairs, footprints, a bed of the ‘mythical animal’ or Yeti, and various other markers which is configurationally not explained in the article.   

Written by Joe Jackson, Published October 11,2011 on TIME MAGAZINE

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Should We Declare Open Season on Bigfoot?

By Lauren Daniels, Published January 25,2012. LINK is posted for article:

This article come’s out straight forward and states " Every year, believers and enthusiasts provide heaps of secondary proof that Bigfoot exists: low-quality video, out-of-focus snapshots and the occasional fossilized "footprint." But it’s not the quantity but the quality of proof that’s lacking." and this short statement is enough to explain what the article is going to be about but, I didn’t see this coming when the news MSNBC reporters gave another example of the show "Finding bigfoot" that airs on Animal Planted the reporters say that the show does it’s part on increasing the amount of evidence that Bigfoot really walks on earth. The reporters have more to say about the show such as the show adds more fuel to the fire with shaky videos of Bigfoot, then reporters also say other hunters aren’t the only ones trying to make Bigfoot transform from a myth to reality. Over a dozen experts travel 2,000 miles east of Moscow a region of Russia for a conference on Yeti a cousin of Bigfoot that was 95% belief that Yeti is real also. But the reporters say that is not good enough proof that the Yeti and Bigfoot are real, they say the other 5% SHOULD be full proof proven in blood, or at lease a very good picture. Some people debate among the Bigfoot believers as to weather it’s okay to shoot and kill the creature. They also have a theory do people really want to find Bigfoot? Or would that just take the fun out of searching for a creature that may not exist. Maybe that’s why the show of "finding Bigfoot" is the most watch on animal planted, the reporters also say that the show is so popular that they may put some channels out on TV. I think that people should believe what they want either it is true/real or un-true and fake.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Be Wary of Bobo, Sasquatch

I read this article off of the New York times, written by NEIL GENZINGER, December 30,2011. LINK is posted:


This article on “Be Wary of Bobo, Sasquatch” explains that Bigfoot has been seen in Florida, Oregon, Washington State, and Alaska. Now Bigfoot is being seen in New York, Animal Planet tells in the opening season 2 of “Hunting Bigfoot.” That Matt Moneymaker the president of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, in an episode on Sunday showed the three sidekicks of the BFRO organization: Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland and James Fay. as they investigate a family video that Matt had shot on an evening just hanging out around a campfire, when something climbing in a tree, captured accidently 15 years ago, is proof of a baby Bigfoot in that area near new York called Catskills. As they investigate there are skeptics being made that the baby Bigfoot is really just someone’s pet monkey, or the video was shot during a music festival. They prove to the skeptics that it was not either of that monkeys or music fest. Because the investigators experiment by getting a grown male climb the tree n swing around and it clearly don’t match the thing’s movement in the video. And they had made their mind up by stating “we clearly looking at a baby Sasquatch in this footage,” and Mr. Moneymaker believes it also.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Hunt Bigfoot

In this article I got from it explains how Bigfoot hunters track a Bigfoot with the techniques that they have learned over time, and what kind of ways they call out a Bigfoot by hearing the call the Bigfoot makes at night when the investigators are out tracking Bigfoot. Also how they react to the sighting of Bigfoot for the first time captured on a night vision camera. I think that the "How to Hunt Bigfoot" is very interesting, the narrator and others are in a group of investigator called B.F.R.O, which stands for Bigfoot Field Research Organization. The article explains how it is to be in the group and anyone can join, it cost around $300-500 dollars not including airfare, camping equipment, and food. It also talks about what qualifications you should have to become a member, and it gives a description on what kind of work that will take place. And what to expect while you are out in the woods at night, the investigators travel out at night until dawn to track Bigfoot and the team are split in to two’s. They don’t use flash lights, because they have a theory that Bigfoot can see the light and relocate itself to a different location away from the team. So the teams that are spilt up into twos walk around in pitch black only using the light from the moon and their night vision equipment. The author also shares how she felt when she saw her very first sighting. She was so terrified she was shaking after the expedition and didn't want to look through the night vision again. They give good details on how it is to search for Bigfoot and, what techniques they use to, find a Bigfoot. You can see the videos and read more by clicking the link posted and visiting the animal planet website.

Published by Amanda Petrusich on the date of april 20, 2012. the link to the article is posted as well. LINK:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Be Very Afraid

I read this article from a book called "BIGFOOT the Life and Times of a Legend" by Joshua Blu Buhs; in the article it explains the first chapter of Joshua's book like a summary. Joshua talks about how he sees are Bigfoot from his prospective. Buh explains in this article that he has a picture in he's head of how Bigfoot looks, from watching TV in the 1970's, that still haunts him today he describes it to be big, hairy, and scary to him. Buh also talks about how Bigfoot is viewed by the people out in the world hoe they thing Bigfoot looks in their Prospective and how it is similar and or different from his vision of Bigfoot; Buh gives examples of how Bigfoot has even abducted a few women and children in different states epically in the swampy places, and the people that have been abducted have never been found. Buh also talks about how other would dress up like big foot just to touch their essential selves just to please their thoughts of Bigfoot being real. Just in the first chapter in Buhs book this is what he explains. I think this book gives details on what Bigfoot is in another person’s opinion, and includes facts on what the world thinks of what a Bigfoot is. It also makes your think of how you see Bigfoot, without really seeing one in real life. Just going off the images I would see on TV that is being shown of Bigfoot.

by Joshua Blu Buhs, This article was posted June 5, 2009. Published By FLORENCE WILLIAMS LINK:


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two Georgians say they have bigfoots body

Well I read this article off the New York Times; I thought I would have hard time finding information on a beast that mostly everyone doesn’t take seriously. So I was glad to find info not only on the myth creature, there is a picture of the beast big foot lifeless in a freezer in an undisclosed location outside Atlanta. This story also brings up a person Rick Dyer, who I found interesting he is a Bigfoot hunter. This Article on "Two Georgian's Say They Have Bigfoot's Body" it gets to the main point right off the title, these two men "bigfoot hunters" they call themselves. Believe they found the body of the creature out of the woods in a remote swath of woods in northern Georgia, they said "it was very frightening at first" to have found a body of a animal that science says does not exist. The two men Rick Dyer and Matthew Whittion, say they have DNA evidence, photographs, and videos of the lifeless creature when they found it. They also state they saw at least three more other Bigfoots while, they were dragging out the body from the woods. They now have the carcass of the animal in a freezer, with dollop of intestines protruding from its belly. The two guys knew everyone wouldn't believe them, they expected skeptics but they believe they found it and it is real. This article also comes to another man named Tom Biscardi who says he is "150%" sure that the body was a Bigfoot.
As you noticed I've also posted the pictures they had token and a video from YouTube that aired on the news. :) This article was published: August 14, 2008, Can be found at the link below that I've posted.